09 July 2007

Three Beautiful Things for Sunday

  1. Sarah and Max competing for "silliest stunt on a walk award". Sarah got her shoes firmly stuck in the mud (when walking where I said not to) and Max, not wanting to be outdone, slid gracefully (almost in slow motion) down an embankment into the chilly causeway below having been chasing "bubbles" in the water. He had such a surprised look on his face when he got out.
  2. The sounds of multitudes of frogs around the estate, perhaps letting me know they're waiting for the frog bog.
  3. A lovely family coming for dinner (success with the crackling on the pork!). The husband is a colleague of Aaron's and it was lovely getting to know "new" people including their two girls who are close to Sarah's age. We also had our next door neighbours swing by for coffee which made me feel really at home.

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